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Powerful, Reliable Infrastructure

Clarendon County's powerful, reliable infrastructure supports everything from automotive suppliers to welding operations, and gives companies a real competitive advantage. In addition, the area's competitive pricing structure helps existing companies and new ones cut costs and boost profits.


Even the most energy-intensive operations will find an abundant supply of electricity in Clarendon County. The area also boasts an exceptional record for reliable electric power supplies and delivery systems.
Industries that relocate to Clarendon from other areas of the country often realize a dramatic cost savings when it comes to electricity. South Carolina’s industrial power costs are generally 15–20 percent below the national average.
Depending on your location, Clarendon County businesses can receive electric power from Duke Energy ProgressSantee Electric Cooperative, or Black River Electric Cooperative.

Natural Gas

Because it is clean and efficient, natural gas is poised to play an ever more important role in corporate energy usage. For companies that rely on natural gas to fuel their operations, Clarendon County offers an abundant, dependable supply with highly competitive rates.
Clarendon County’s natural gas provider is South Carolina Electric and Gas.


Though often taken for granted, water is a resource that is in scarce supply in several regions. In Clarendon County, however, companies can take advantage of easy access to clean water and plentiful wastewater capacity.
Water and wastewater services are supplied by Clarendon County and the City of ManningTown of Summerton, and Town of Turbeville.


Clarendon County offers advanced and reliable telecommunications services. The county is served by multiple providers of high-speed internet and other telecommunications services, which leads to providers that are eager to meet the needs of customers and competitive rates.
Local phone service is provided by FTC, Inc.Time Warner Cable and Frontier.